warranty disservice

Around April 10th, my motherboard crapped out on me due to minor power issues at my apartment. Shit happens. Oh well. It was a week out of NewEgg’s return policy, but well within Asus’ warranty period. These circumstances clearly dictated my course of action.

I filed for an RMA, and after waiting three days, got my approval. Why I had to wait that long during the business week is beyond me, Gigabyte had my approval back by the end of the same day. A few days later I walked into my local UPS Store and had it sent out. It arrived at Asus’ repair facility in Indiana on the 20th, and I recieved confirmation the next day that they had the product.
April 25th: An email appeared on my browser that stated the repair was finished. While the email stressed that it was not in any way a confirmation that the product had been shipped out, it did say that it had left their warehouse and was on its way.
Today is May 10th. It has been fifteen days. I was not given a tracking number with which to verify the progress of the package (Asus states they use Fedex for their return service). When I ventured to Asus’ support site to file a complaint, I encountered another layer of stupidity.
The page to file includes fields for the following:
Product Model
Serial Number
BIOS Revision
Video Card Make
Video Card Model
Video Card Chipset
Video Card Driver
CPU Make
CPU Model
CPU Speed
Memory Make
Memory Model
Memory Capacity
HDD Make
HDD Model
HDD Capacity
All of these fields are required before the form can be submitted.
Asus, what the fuck does all this matter? Your motherboard crapped out on me, it’s under your warranty, and you should at least be able to fix it, return it to me in a reasonable period, and provide me some way of tracking the progress of the repair and the return package (they at least got the former tracking right, something Gigabyte didn’t do). You’ve already determined that it is fully covered by warranty or you would not have carried out the warranty service on it.
My next motherboard is going to be a Gigabyte. At least, unless Asus spontaneously overhauls their RMA experience.