the motherboard calls

Woke up today to find my computer running and the monitor off. This is a normal occurence, as my computer generally runs 24/7 with only occasional breaks when I’m out for a few days. After fifteen minutes the monitor goes to sleep while the machine just hums quietly to itself. It’s rather pleasant at night, really.

No, the odd part came when I pulled the keyboard out and saw that it was off. It’s a backlit keyboard, so to have the computer running, but the keyboard inexplicably deactivated was…abnormal. Upon trying to wake the computer up, I got no response. It appeared to be on–the fans were running, the power lights all on, everything seemed normal. But it was entirely unresponsive.
I hit the reset button, and the computer rebooted…sort of. There was no video output whatsoever, no POSTing, no beeping. But everything seemed normal, once again. At this point I noticed my CPU fan wasn’t running. After switching the fan to another header, it spun up normally and continued as normal.
So, the next step: experimentation. I transplanted my processor, memory, and power supply into another case with another AM3 motherboard. Same behavior–no POST, no output, no response. After changing the power supply on the first machine, same thing. I think…think this points to the motherboard being faulty, as if it worked and the CPU was shot it would still POST, and then report the error. But I suppose both could be shot? Hope not. Either way, time for an RMA…